BOBBi-313 the C&IT Robot

Have you noticed C&IT's robot pal around campus? Ever wondered how we came to be friends with such a cool bot?

As Detroit's premier research university, Wayne State is home to an every-growing research community and C&IT is tasked with supporting that community. Our engineers and technicians work around the clock to make sure the data center is operating smoothly, including ordering the parts needed to keep the it up and running.

One day, just a few years ago, one of these regular deliveries of important data center tech contained an extra unmarked box. Inside, engineers found what appeared to be some kind of artificial intelligence... a robot! C&IT engineers cautiously cleared the packing peanuts, but unknowingly brushed the power button. With a few clicks and beeps, then a pleasant glow of light from the eyes, the robot powered up.

"Hello!" said the robot. "I am 

"Where did you come from," the engineers asked.

"Basic Office Backup Bot (integrated) Model 313 does not remember its place of manufacture. But my programming says I'm here to help! Where am I and what can I do?"

"You're here at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan — we're in the university data center where all the computer systems are hosted and operated."

"That sounds like the perfect place for Basic Office—"

"How about just BOBBi-313?"

And with that, BOBBi-313 joined the C&IT team.

In the years since, BOBBi-313 has become an integral part of the C&IT family. This superbot is a shining example of the integrity and innovation that has made C&IT the unit it is today. On a normal day, you'll find BOBBi roaming the halls of 5925 Woodward, bouncing from cube to cube, trying to do any part to make C&IT and the entire Wayne State community the perfect place for technology and education.

Oh, and there's also the latest news to reward all of BOBBi's hard work... a promotion to the honorary title of Chief Information Robot. Congratulations, BOBBi! C&IT wouldn't be the same without you.