Copying of Computer Software Programs

Policy-Making by the President
Wayne State University
Executive Order 86-1

1.1 It is the purpose of this executive order to provide for compliance with federal copyright law, as regards computer software programs, and to prescribe the responsibilities of University employees to assure such compliance.
2.1 University employees who purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire computer software programs for word processing and office automation, or for any other University use, with University funds, may not copy any such program which contains a notice of copyright.
2.2 Any University employee who participates, directly or indirectly, in the copying of any software program in violation of this order, will be deemed to have misappropriated property, and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures.
3.1 This policy does not prohibit the copying of software programs which are covered by the express written permission of the copyright holder allowing such copying. Nor does this policy prohibit the copying of any software program which does not contain a notice of copyright, or which the Office of the General Counsel has expressly determined to not be subject to copyright protection.
4.1 This executive order is revocable by the president at any time and without notice.
5.1 This executive order is effective upon issuance.

Signed by President David W. Adamany February 11, 1986.