Staff Technology

University Coronavirus updates are available at

C&IT is committed to supporting hard-working staff during the transition to online classes. If you have questions regarding this transition, please contact the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357 or Please contact your local IT staff for technical support with accessing your desktop remotely or accessing shared drives; the Help Desk is unable to assist with these resources. Follow us on Twitter @WayneStateCIT for instant updates.

As we continue to learn and work from home, make sure you are following online meeting ettiquette guidelines to ensure that all of your meetings go smoothly and efficiently.

If you are using personal devices to access Wayne State technology systems and services, please makes sure your operating system is up to date. These updates include security patches that protect both you and the Wayne State community at large.

Staff resources

Computers and internet

  • University-Owned Laptops

    Wayne State C&IT recommends using provided machines for all university-related business. Personal computers must meet the system requirements for university applications at

  • Internet

    Your secure home internet connection is strongly preferred. If you must use a public Wi-Fi network (e.g.  public library or coffee shop), be sure to use the Wayne State VPN.

    Employees are welcome to connect to the WSU-SECURE Wi-Fi network from their vehicles in Parking Lot 50 (outside Matthaei) until the university re-opens. No entry-fee or parking assignment is required; just swipe your OneCard in the Wayne State OneCard debit reader, not the assigned reader. If you choose to utilize this service, please remain in your vehicle and continue to follow social distancing guidelines. Remember that Wayne State buildings remain closed, and there is no access to restrooms or other facilities. The Wayne State University Police Department will be monitoring the area via security cameras and occasional patrols.

  • Wayne State VPN

    This program is only required when using your personally-owned computer to access STARS, Banner, or Cognos from an off-campus Internet connection. You'll also need Duo Two-Factor Authentication app (see below). 

    • Access to Academica, Canvas, and Office 365 does norequire a VPN connection.
    • The VPN is a limited resource; use it only when you need to, and disconnect when you are done.
    • View setup instructions at
    • A VPN connection will not be needed if your university-owned laptop is managed by C&IT DeskTech.
  • Duo Two-Factor Authentication

    Employees need to make sure the Duo Two-Factor Authentication app is installed and set to use the Push Notification with their cellphone.

  • Remote Desktop

    Employees may work with their local tech support to access their work desktop from a different computer. Find more information at Note, a VPN connection is required to use Remote Desktop.

Office phones

Employees with office phone numbers have several off-campus options. Use the VoIP online portal at to change your settings. The password is different than your AccessID; if you need to reset your password, visit

Communication and file sharing

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