COURSES: How do I import course content from the Archived Courses tab?

Only the Instructor of Record and anyone added with the Instructor role in a Blackboard course or organization may retrieve course content from an archived course. Another course owner can be added by sending an email request to


Downloading archived courses

  1. Log in to Blackboard and click the Archived Courses tab.
  2. Click the Download link located to the right of the course or organization you wish to download and then save the file to your computer.
    • Do not open the zip file after downloading it, but do make note of its name.

Importing course archive

  1. Click the My Blackboard tab to return to your list of courses.
  2. In the My Courses module, click the course or organization name to enter the course or organization site where you wish to import the materials.
  3. Under Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities to expand the menu options and then click Import Package/View Logs.
  4. Click the Import Package button and the Import Package window displays.
  5. Under Section 2, Select a Package and click the Browse button and locate the file you downloaded to your computer and then select it.
  6. You may skip Section 3 — Folder for Content Collection Files — if you do not have any files linked to the Content Collection that may have been stored in the archived course.
  7. In section 4, Select Course Materials and place a check in the appropriate checkboxes for the course materials you wish to import. Click Submit
    • You will receive a success message confirming your actions, and you also will receive an email when the import process is complete (be patient — it may take a long time for a large package to upload).