GRADE CENTER: How do I Change the Current View of the Grade Center?

Follow the steps below to change the current view of Grade Center.

  1. Navigate to Full Grade Center.
  2. Click Filter.
  3. Move the cursor over Current View (Default view is Full Grade Center).
  4. Select the view desired from the menu.
    • Optional: Click the Set Current View as Default icon to save this view as the default.

Additional views may be created using Grading Periods and/or Smart Views under the Manage menu button. Users may toggle Current View between the Full Grade Center and any defined Smart Views or Grading Periods. Any Smart View or Grading Period can be saved as the default view of the Grade Center.

  • Grading Periods are time segments that can help manage the Grade Center. Grading Periods can be defined as Terms, Weeks, Homework, etc, and can have date ranges that further define them. Instructors can filter the Grade Center by Grading Period to display only the relevant columns in the segment.
  • Smart Views are specific views of the Grade Center based on a variety of criteria. After a Smart View has been created and saved, it becomes an item on the Current View contextual menu on the Grade Center page. Grade Center has two default Smart Views, Final Grade View and Preview of My Grades. Smart Views can be added to the Grade Center section of the Control Panel.

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