GRADE CENTER: How do I Enter a grade using Edit Grade?

Blackboard users with Instructor or Teaching Assistant access to a course, and Leader or Assistant access to an organization may enter grades using Edit Grade. 

How to view and grade an assignment

Follow the steps below to view and grade an assignment.

  1. Under Control Panel click Grade Center then click Full Grade Center.

  2. For the desired student, click the menu arrow next to the Needs Grading icon   .
  3. Click View Grade Details.

  4. Under the attempts section, click Grade Attempt.

  5. Review the student's work, enter a grade, return graded work and send feedback.
  6. When finished, click Submit.

How to enter a grade for an external assignment

This method should be used when entering a grade for an assignment that is not located in Blackboard.

  1. In the Control Panel, click Grade Center. Then click Full Grade Center.

  2. If you have not created a column for the assignment, you must create one and then double-click a cell.

  3. Type a grade and press Enter.

  4. The grade is saved in the cell.

More information

Video demonstrations: