GRADE CENTER: How do I Set up Extra Credit in the Grade Center?

Before a column can be used for extra credit, it must be created with points possible set to zero (0). Creating a column this way allows instructors to award extra credit without increasing the total points, which would penalize students who do not earn extra credit. Extra credit columns do not work with Weighted ColumnsFollow the steps below to set up a column for extra credit in the Grade Center.

  1. Click Create Column in the Grade Center.
  2. On the Create Grade Column page, enter a Column Name such as Extra Credit.
  3. For the Primary Display, select Score.
  4. For the Points Possible, enter 0.
  5. Click Submit.

The extra credit column will automatically be placed as the last column in the Grade Center spreadsheet.

  • Example: There are grade four columns worth 100 points each, so the Points Possible for the Total column will be 400 points. A student currently has 370 out of 400 points before extra credit points are entered. If that student earns 10 points of extra credit, their total points accumulated will increase to 380, but the Points Possible for the Total column will stay at 400 points.

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