TESTS: In Blackboard, how does an Instructor reset a test for a student?

If a student is locked out of a test or an error happens while submitting a test, the instructor has the ability to clear the attempt so that the student may complete the test.


Blackboard Instructors can follow the steps below to reset a test or clear an attempt.

  1. Enter the desired course site.
  2. Under Control Panel click Grade Center to expand the menu options.
  3. Click Full Grade Center.
  4. For the desired student, click the Drop-down arrow next to the Attempt in Progress icon.
  5. Click View Grade Details.
  6. Under the Attempts section click on Clear Attempt.
  7. Click OK.

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Note: Clearing the attempt will remove any record or progress a student has made. Use this function with caution — the Blackboard Support Team cannot retrieve student work lost due to the instructor clearing the attempt.