TOOLS: How do I create and comment on a blog in Blackboard?

Follow the steps below to create and comment on a blog in Blackboard.


How to create a blog

  1. Click Tools in the Course Menu.
  2. Click Blogs.
  3. Click Create Blog.
  4. Enter in desired Blog Name and Instructions located under Blog Information.
  5. Under Blog Availability, select Date and Time Restrictions, Participation, Settings, Grade Settings.
  6. Click Submit.

How to create a blog entry

  1. Click Tools in the Course Menu.
  2. Click Blogs.
  3. Select a blog that you would like to post a comment in.
  4. Click Create Blog Entry.
  5. Enter a Title and an Entry Message.
    • OPTIONAL: Under Blog Entry Files, click Browse My Computer to attach a file.
    • OPTIONAL: Click Save Entry as Draft to save the entry for later posting.
  6. Click Post Entry.

How to comment on a blog post

  1. Open a blog.
  2. Click Comment for the appropriate post.
  3. Enter a comment in the Comment text box.
  4. Click Add.

More information

Video demonstrations:

Note: If you save your entry as a draft no one will be able to view it until you post your entry. This includes the instructor as well as your group members.