USERS AND GROUPS: How do I add users / students to my Blackboard course site?

Follow the steps below to add users/students to a Blackboard course site.
  1. In the Control Panel, click Users and Groups and then Users.

  2. Click + Add Users.

  3. Enter an WSU AccessID and choose a Role.
    • Student: Default Role. Can access content and submit assignments; no access to the Control Panel.
    • Course Builder: Full Access to Course Content; no Access to Grade Center.
    • Grader: Full Access to Grade Center; no access to Course Content.
    • Teaching Assistant: Can perform most functions of an instructor; Unable to remove an instructor.
    • Instructor: Full Access to Course Content and Control Panel.
  4. Click Submit.

  5. You will receive a confirmation message when the user has been successfully added.

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