How can I add students from my Canvas course to Microsoft Teams?

Faculty can automatically add their class roster and create a team in Microsoft Teams. Before following these steps, please familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams using the following resources: 

First, you will need to create the Teams group. Then, you will need to add students.This process will take around an hour, so please  

Note: To use this team, you will need to open Microsoft Teams. You cannot use the team in Canvas, you can only create it through Canvas. 

Create a Team for your course 

NOTE: This method is currently not compatible with non-term courses. We are working to add this feature. 

1. Login to your Canvas course and access Course Tools from the course menu. Then, choose Create a Microsoft Teams team. You may be prompted to sign-in with your AccessID and password. You will see all the courses where you are the instructor of record in Banner. 



2. Click Create Team next to each course you wish to create in Teams. You will receive a confirmation message. 



3. Your team will be created. This stage may take a few minutes to process. 


4. Open Microsoft Teams and customize your team. At this point, no students have been added. This gives you time to make changes to your course, such as creating different channels or setting up app connections, before you sync your students.  If you do not wish to customize your course, you can add students following the steps below.


Add students to your course 

Once you are ready to add students, follow these steps: 

1. Login to with your AccessID and password. 

2. After your team has been created, click Sync Students.You will receive a confirmation message. 



3. It will take around an hour for your currently enrolled students to be added to the class.  

4. After an hour, open Microsoft Teams and confirm your students have been added.  


Additional information 

  • Every hour, our authentication system will check Banner and add new enrollments or remove students who have dropped your course. 
  • These courses will be private by default, nobody can join unless you add them or they register for the class.
  • If you decide to delete the course team, you will have the option to start with a fresh course, but you will need to re-add your students and any other users