How do I use the File Upload feature in Qualtrics?

The Qualtrics File Upload feature allows respondents to upload a file along with their survey response. This question type allows surveyors to collect data that may not be available through standard surveying, like collecting resumes and other important forms, records, or documentation.


Users may include as many file upload questions in their survey as they wish.

  • Only one file can be uploaded per File Upload question.
  • File size must be less than 100MB.
  • For security reasons, executable files (e.g. those ending in .exe) are not allowed.
  • Respondents can upload multiple files through a single File Upload question by compressing files into a ZIP file.
  • Users may restrict the type of file that respondents upload.


Follow the steps below to insert a File Upload question in a Qualtrics survey.

1. Create a New Project or open the survey you wish to add a File Upload question to.

2. Click Create a New Question.


3. Click Change Question Type.


4. Select File Upload within the Advanced category.


5. If you want to restrict the type of files that may be upload, check Content Validation and check the types of content you wish to restrict (e.g. if you want responders to upload a photo, you will want to restrict Documents and Spreadsheets).


6. Write the question text and continue with the project as normal.


More information

Learn more about the File Upload feature at the Qualtrics Support website.