What is the Qualtrics Product Roadmap?

The Qualtrics Product Roadmap displays all of the features currently being planned or developed by Qualtrics. Find the Product Roadmap at qualtrics.com/product-roadmap.


Features are organized by which stage of development they are currently in:


  • Delivered: Feature is generally available to all applicable users.
  • In migration: Users are being migrated to the feature.
  • In preview: Feature is being used by a set of early access users.
  • In progress: Feature is in active development.
  • Waiting: Feature is not yet in active development.


Each feature is also labeled as either a customer, employee, brand, product or research experience.

For more Qualtrics support, visit www.qualtrics.com/academic-support/.

NOTE: Not all Qualtrics features are available in the Wayne State University branded application. Features are also depend on user type.