What specialized IT information can I include in my grant proposal?

Your grant proposal may include information about the Wayne State University Grid, the Researcher's Dashboard and the available research networks. Summaries of each service are included below with links to full descriptions and further information. For personal assistance, please contact Patrick Gossman.


Wayne State Grid

Wayne State University's Scientific Computing Department develops, deploys and maintains a centrally managed, scalable, Grid enabled computing system capable of storing and running research related high performance computing (HPC) projects. The Grid infrastructure at WSU is designed to allow groups access to many options corresponding to the nature of research being performed. The core Grid services are maintained by the University's central computing staff within the Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) Department. Learn more at https://www.grid.wayne.edu/general/documentation.html.


Researcher's Dashboard

The Researcher's Dashboard is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that streamlines and enhances the pre-award and post-award grant processes for both researchers and administrators, providing a secure, easily accessible gateway to researchers' proposal and grant information. Learn more at https://kb.wayne.edu/266768.


Research Networks

  • MiLR High Performance Research Network: Michigan LamdaRail is a high-speed special-purpose data network founded by Wayne State University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. MiLR provides as many as 40 separate 10 Gbps Ethernet connections between Ann Arbor, Chicago, Detroit, East Lansing, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.
  • Internet2 Advanced Networking: Internet2 is an advanced networking consortium that comprises more than 330 institutions leveraging a high-performance network. It enables services and worldwide partnerships to support and enhance their educational, research and community service missions.