How do I customize the size/resolution of a Banner window?

The instructions below apply to Banner 8. Banner 9 does not require special settings to adjust the display.


If Banner is displaying strangely on your computer, you may adjust the size and the resolution of the window.

  • The Banner application looks to the URL to determine the size and dots per inch (DPI) in which to render Banner. In the address bar of your browser, Banner's URL or address should display:
  • To change the window size, add the following text after prod with no spaces after: &&clientDPI=120&width=1280&height=995
  • The address bar should now display:
  • You may customize the parameters as necessary based on your screen resolution and desire for clarity by changing the values after the clientDPI=, width= and height=. DPI will vary based on the size of the window that you render. Finding the right size sometimes requires adjusting with the parameters as needed through trial and error.

Once you have found your optimal settings, save the link as a bookmark in your browser so that you may easily access the customized display at your convenience.