Are there keyboard shortcuts for Banner 9?

The following keyboard shortcuts may be used in Banner 9. 



 Function   Keyboard Shortcut   Icon 
 Next field/item   Tab  
 Previous field/item  Shift + Tab  

 Previous record

 Up arrow  
 Next record  Down arrow  
 Previous page up  Page up  
 Next page down  Page down  
 First page  Ctrl + home  
 Last page  Ctrl + end  
 Page tab 1, page tab 2, etc.  Ctrl + shift + 1, ctrl + shift + 2   
 Edit  Ctrl + E  
 Choose/submit/action  Return/enter  
 List of values  F9  
 Cancel form, exit, close current page  Ctrl + Q  
 Save  F10  
 Clear one record  Shift + F4  
 Delete record  Shift + F6  
 Duplicate selected record  F4   
 Insert/create record  F6   
 Open menu directly  Ctrl + M  
 Next section  Alt + Page down  
 Previous section  Alt + Page up  
 Duplicate item  F3  
 Search/open filter query  F7  
 Execute filter query  F8  
 Export  Shift + F1  
 Print  Ctrl + P  
 Refresh/rollback  F5  
 Open Related menu  Alt + shift +R  
 Open Tools menu   Alt + shift + T  
 Application Navigator display open items   Ctrl + Y  
 Search  Ctrl + shift + Y  
 Help  Ctrl + shift + U  
 Sign Out  Ctrl + shift + F  
 Copy  Ctrl + C  
 Cut  Ctrl + X  
 Paste  Ctrl + V  
 Undo  Ctrl + Z  
 Redo  Ctrl + shift + Z  
 Cancel action/toggle off  Esc  


A printable PDF of Banner 9 keyboard shortcuts is available at