How do I log in to Banner 9?

In order to log in to Banner, you must have been approved for Banner access. Find information regarding Banner access at


Banner 9 is accessible via Academica using the main campus and School of Medicine wired networks, WSU-Secure wireless, and using the WSU VPN. Log in to Academica and click Employee Resources > Administrative Systems > Banner > Banner 9-Login to log in.





  • Banner 9 is accessible from any browser - no Java required - and is fully compatible with tablets and smartphones.
  • Banner 9 has updated security to protect employee and student information and you will be required to use two factor authentication to verify your identity when you log in to Banner 9.
  • You can open Banner 9 in multiple tabs without logging in again. Due to the improved security measures to access Banner, we can now allow you to open Banner 9 in multiple tabs to get your work done more efficiently.
  • If your Banner 9 session times out, you only need to enter your AccessID and password to resume your session.
  • To open additional Banner 9 sessions in your web browser, go to Academica and repeat the step above. You won't have to deal with Duo unless you closed all of your Banner 9 tabs.
  • If you see error messages, please contact the C&IT Help Desk to report the issue.
  • Banner access is only available from Wayne State networks or via the VPN. Learn more at