How do I log in to Banner 9?

Banner 9 Admin Pages will be available beginning February 12, and accessing the system is easier than ever.


Banner 9 is accessible via Academica. Log in to Academica and click Employee Resources > Administrative Systems > Banner > Banner 9-Login to log in.




  • Banner 9 is accessible from any browser—no Java required—and is fully compatible with tablets and smartphones.
  • Banner 9 has updated security to protect employee and student information and you will be required to use two factor authentication to verify your identity when you log in to Banner 9.
  • You can open Banner 9 in multiple tabs without logging in again. Due to the improved security measures to access Banner, we can now allow you to open Banner 9 in multiple tabs to get your work done more efficiently.
  • If your Banner 9 session times out, you only need to enter your AccessID and password to resume your session. Unlike Banner 8, you don't have to relaunch Java, log in again and start over.
  • The data in Banner 9 and Banner 8 is exactly the same, so you may open both at the same time to do your work and compare views.
  • To open additional Banner 9 sessions in your web browser, go to Academica and repeat the step above. You won't have to deal with Duo unless you closed all of your Banner 9 tabs.
  • If you see error messages, please contact the C&IT Help Desk to report the issue. 
  • Banner access is only available from Wayne State networks or via the VPN. Learn more at