I'm seeing the error message "Task not found" or "All Java Pages will be closed...."

UPDATE: the Banner upgrade on April 22, 2018 resolved this situation. The error messages should no longer appear. If you do see them, please contact the C&IT Help Desk 313-577-HELP as soon as possible. 




Two intermittent error messages have been reported in Banner 9:

  • Task not found
  • All Java pages will be closed in order to navigate to this page

These error messages can occur while using any Banner form. Once it appears, try to clear the message by clicking OK or navigating to another Banner 9 page. If that does not work, then close your Banner 9 session and log in again.


There is no need to report these error messages. Ellucian has issued an upgrade for this issue and C&IT will implement it as soon as user acceptance testing is completed.  


Report all other error messages to the C&IT Help Desk by calling 313-577-4357 or filling out the form at techsolutions.wayne.edu/forms/banner.


Sample error messages -- these appear in the upper right corner of the Banner 9 window:

  1. Task not found

  2. Java pages