How do I install the required Java software for Banner?

The instructions below apply to Banner 8. Banner 9 does not require Java and is browser independent.


Java software is needed on Wayne State University work computers for authorized employees to use Internet Native Banner (INB) on WSU's Banner Administrative System.


Banner users must always have the latest WSU approved version of Java running on their work computers to continue using Banner forms. Installing Java on both a Windows or Macintosh computer requires administrative privileges.


Installing the most recent WSU approved version of Java provides support for using the Banner System on the most current and secure operating systems and browsers. The WSU approved version of Java also contains important enhancements to improve the performance, stability and security of the Java applications running on your computer.


Check out the latest browser and operating system compatibility (PDF).


Installation instructions

If your Java is out of date, your computer should prompt you to download and install the latest WSU approved version of Java when you visit To force an update visit

  • Banner users WITHOUT install privileges to their desktop computer should contact their technical support personnel:
    • If your office does not have technical support and you need assistance accessing Banner, please contact the C&IT Help Desk.
  • Banner users WITH install privileges to their desktop computer can visit for the latest WSU approved Java update and then follow the directions to install it.

Important Notes

  • For Windows users: If you are certain that you have install privileges, but do not receive the installation dialog box after clicking the link above, you will need to disable pop-up blockers by holding the “Ctrl” key when clicking the link. 
  • For Mac users: If you stay on top of the latest Mac OS X updates (using "Software Update..." under the Apple menu), you already have the latest version of Java on your computer.

Note: ApplicationXtender users will continue to use Internet Explorer exclusively. For the required versions of computer operating systems and web browsers required to access WSU administrative systems, read these Administrative Desktop Computer Specifications.