How do I enable pop-ups from WSU sites in Internet Explorer?

Follow the steps below to enable pop-ups from Wayne State University sites in Internet Explorer. Most internet browsers have pop-ups disabled by default. WSU faculty must enable pop-ups to utilize Workflow and other systems.


For a single computer


  • In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button (the gear button) and then click Internet Settings.




  • In the Internet Options window, click on the Privacy tab and then under the Pop-Up Blocker section, click the Settings button.




  • In the Pop-Up Blocker Settings window, enter * in the field and then click the Add button.





  •  * should now be listed on the Allowed sites list. Click Close and exit out of all the dialogs boxes.


For IT Administrators on multiple computers


  • This can be done via Group Policy. You choose either a Computer or a User policy, as the option will be available both ways. In the Group Policy Management Editor, under either Computer Configuration or User Configuration, go to Policies/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Internet Explorer and open the policy named Pop-up allow list.




  • In the Pop-up allow list windows, select the Enabled radio button and then click the Show button.




  • Enter * as a value and click OK. Apply the GPO to the Computer or User objects in Active Directory.