What are the changes in ApplicationXtender 8.1?

ApplicationXtender (AX), Wayne State's imaging and document management solution, was upgraded to the latest version on Feb. 19, 2018. Check out what's new:


  • ApplicationXtender (like Banner 9) is now available in any popular web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.
  • ApplicationXtender is accessible from Banner 9 via the Add and Retrieve buttons on any record.

  • When you are in the Applications View, right-click is no longer the primary way to interact with applications. Click on the name of an application for a drop-down menu with a New Query link and any previously saved searches:

    or select the application to jump directly to a list of your saved searches (if you have them) or the new query screen:

    you can also look for buttons in the upper-right corner of the window to upload documents or begin new queries:

  • Adding a document from Banner takes you directly to the document upload menu - no need to go through the menu again once you get to ApplicationXtender.

  • Documents that span multiple pages only need to be saved once to upload all pages.
  • If you attempt to save a document where the same index exists on another document you are given a choice to Append, Create new, or Cancel:

  • More document formats are now supported and there are more options for each type of document. Choose to download a file or view it directly in the browser.
  • Look around the upgraded ApplicationXtender for features like more powerful query criteria, the ability to export all results of a query.