What is ApplicationXtender and how do I use it?

A Document Management System(DMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. C&IT's Document Management Team uses ApplicationXtender (AX) Web Access as their DMS. Features include:

  • Store scanned images and electronic files of any format.
  • Use Banner data to create meaningful indexes.
  • Access document collections directly from Banner via toolbar or menu (context rules can be applied).
  • Access document collections standalone through browser or Luminis channel.
  • Annotate documents.

How to get started

To gain access to the system, the Business Manager authorizing your access must fill out the Business Managers Access Request form, checking imaging/ApplicationXtender box and submit to the C&IT Information Security Office at security@lists.wayne.edu.



These job aids assist in using ApplicationXtender. You have the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward the videos using the control panel at the top of the video screen. You must have Adobe Flash installed on your system to view the videos. Please note that longer videos may take a few moments to load.


Also be aware that training classes for document management can be found using the Training Seminars Workshops link under Employee Resources in Academica.



Job Aid
Get Access
Provides link to the Banner Access Request forms. User will need to specify imaging access.

Banner Access Request Forms

Customizing your WX workstation
Describes installing the web client add-ons on your computer, configuring scanner settings so the user can scan directly into Xtender, and editing user settings to change how WebXtender behaves for that particular user.
Document Manager
Edit User Settings:
EUS- Full Text (2:52 minutes)
EUS- Document View (4:35 minutes)
EUS- Interactive Viewer (8:12 minutes)
EUS- COLD (4:33 minutes)
EUS- Result Set Print (2:36 minutes)
EUS- Email (3:24 minutes)
Launch Xtender
Describes how to launch web extender from Banner or a URL, and how to logout.

Launch WebXtender (2:24 minutes)

Managing Individual Documents
Describes how to scan, import and then index a document directly into Xtender
Managing documents in Batches
Describes how to use the batch import feature to add electronic documents to batches, and then open the batches for indexing.
Retrieving Documents
Describes creating queries and using search criteria.
Displaying and Navigating Documents
Describes opening single and multiple documents from the query results set, viewing document pages and subpages, and explores document display icons.
Displaying Documents (5:51 minutes)
Printing and Exporting Documents
Describes how to print and export a single document page or an entire document.
Emailing Documents
Describes registering your email address, sending an email, changing your registered email address.
Emailing Documents (3:50 minutes)
Annotating Documents
Describes what the five types of annotations are and what you can do with them. Demonstrates adding, changing and deleting annotations.
Annotating Documents (5:49 minutes)
Managing Batches and Documents After Indexing
Describes deleting batches, changing batch status, refreshing batch lists, and changing batch names. Also describes modifying document indexes, adding/deleting/replacing document pages and deleting documents.
Managing Batches (5:12 minutes)
Document Manager
Document Manager
Cognos Xtender Batch List Report
Cognos User
AX Reporting
All of the index tables as well as the audit and batch list tables have been defined to the ODS and Cognos. This will discuss security, any standard certified reports that have been developed, and report development tips.
Document Manager
Behavior of Banner HRForms
This will discuss the behavior of Banner HR Forms when accessing Application Xtender. This video will demonstrate current behavior and future behavior, after December 7, 2009. The change will limit the exposure of personal information when accessing HR documents in AX.

Behavior of Banner HR Forms (2:41 minutes)

Document Manager