What are the known issues with Wayne Connect email?

Wayne State University and Microsoft are working together to ensure Wayne Connect - Powered by Microsoft offers the best user experience, but there are a few known issues that users may encounter.


When accessing Wayne Connect with a web browser, some or all of the Office 365 tiles are grayed out and say setting up.


There was a licensing error with the Microsoft account. Please contact the C&IT Help Desk and we will contact Microsoft to have them repair the license.


Sometimes when you access Wayne Connect with a web browser, you see the error message, "Sorry, we can 't process your request. We're investigating right now. Please try again later."


There is a temporary error in the Microsoft Cloud, please try accessing your account later. If the error persists for more than 30 minutes, please contact the C&IT Help Desk and we will report the error to Microsoft.


There used to be a calendar in Wayne Connect that showed my class meeting times and locations. I don't see it any more. Where did this calendar go?


The My WSU Classes calendar is being updated to work with Wayne Connect. It will be ready for use during the Winter 2016 semester. Until then, you can view your class schedule in Academica as a workaround:


  • My Frequent Links > Register/Add/Drop > Student Schedule by Day and Time
  • WSU Resources > Student Resources > Registration > Register/Add/Drop > Student Schedule by Day and Time


I am asked to log in or select an account on a page that doesn't look like the normal WSU login page.


C&IT passes your authentication credentials to Microsoft's servers when you login at connect.wayne.edu, but we are still resolving some bugs in this process. Sometimes the cookie (a small file on your computer) for Microsoft expires before your WSU one does. Microsoft also has a set of products that are available for both personal and professional use. In this case, it prompts you to select an account to make sure you are accessing the correct one. Any of the pages shown below are safe Microsoft pages and you can choose your account or login with your full AccessID email address and password (make sure to include the @wayne.edu).