How do I set up my commercial email account to view WSU Wayne Connect email?

Some email providers give users the ability to read their email from another account. Below are instructions for some common providers. If your provider is not listed below, please contact them if you'd like to view your Wayne Connect - Powered by Microsoft email using their email system.


Please also make sure you choose the following preferences if given the option.


  • POP (not IMAP).
  • Keep a copy, leave mail on server or a similar option in order to preserve a copy of the message you've fetched from Wayne Connect.
  • SSL -- Wayne Connect only supports SSL connections, so if this option is not available from within the provider account or if it does not automatically connect in this fashion, fetching mail may not work.


Please contact the individual providers if you need further assistance with

these features.



Gmail (formerly Hotmail)


If port numbers are not included, please refer to the default settings for email clients for Wayne Connect email.


NOTE: The above instructions are to be used at your own risk; When you change your WSU AccessID password, you will have to change the saved password in the settings you've configured to view your Wayne Connect email from your commercial account.