How do I use Remote Desktop Protocol to connect to my office computer from another location?

Wayne State employees that use a university-owned Windows desktop computer can use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to do university business from an off-campus location. Your campus computer must be powered on to receive connections.


Review the RDP frequently asked questions at


Security precautions must be followed. Here is the checklist of items needed:

  • Your local IT support team must approve RDP access for you, and provide the host name for your university-owned office computer.
  • Your personally-owned computer needs to have
    • Windows 10 or macOS 10
    • Regular security updates and virus scans
    • VPN software installed (requires Duo mobile app).
    • RDP program installed
  • Internet connection – wired preferred. Avoid public Wi-Fi if possible.


Set up your personally-owned computer (one-time)

  1. Set up the Duo Two-Factor Authentication app on your mobile phone. See
  2. Install the GlobalProtect VPN software. See
  3. Find the RDP program on your personally-owned computer.
    1. Windows: type Remote Desktop Connection in the Search box on the Taskbar.
    2. macOS: download and install the Microsoft RDP v10 client from the App Store.


Use RDP to connect your personally-owned computer to your office desktop computer

  1. Connect to the GlobalProtect VPN. Keep your mobile phone handy to respond to the Duo prompt. Sometimes macOS may get stuck, if that happens see
  2. Open the RDP program
    1. Windows: type Remote Desktop Connection in the search box on the taskbar
    2. macOS: launch the Microsoft RDP v10
  3. In the Computer box, enter the host name for your university-owned office computer provided by your local IT support team. Click Show options to save the connection for future use.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your username and password; use your AccessID and Academica password.
    1. If Remote Desktop Connection is trying to use your personal computer credentials click on More Choices, Select Use a different account, and enter your credentials using this format:  


Academica password


  1. Magic will happen and you will see your office desktop computer in an app window on your personally-owned computer!
  2. Microsoft has detailed information about using RDP for both Windows and macOS


If you need assistance, contact your local IT support team. DeskTech customers can contact the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357 or