HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Run Jupyter on the Grid

Running Jupyter Notebook on the Grid

Jupyter Notebooks are graphical objects. When logging in to the Grid and requesting a node make sure to include -X and have X11 configured for your machine. Follow the Xming Tutorial to run Xming X Window System. 

Watch the video tutorial here!

1. Log on to the Grid. 

2. Submit an interactive job: qsub -I -X

3. Before using Jupyter, you will need to open a browser window in which the notebook can be run. In order to run additional processes using the same terminal, you will have to tell Firefox to run in the background. 

Type: nohup firefox &

4. You should now have access to the terminal with Firefox running in the background. To run Jupyter Notebook you must first load the python module, then run Jupyter Notebook. The notebook should automatically open in a new Firefox tab.

Type: module load python


Type: jupyter notebook

5. You are now running Jupyter Notebook.