HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Run a Simple Job

Follow these steps to run a simple job on the Grid.

1. Log on to the Grid.

2. Copy the simple job script to your home directory by typing: cp /wsu/el7/scripts/tutorial/simple_job .

3. Run the simple job script by typing: qsub simple_job

After submitting the job, you are prompted with the job ID also referred to as $PBS_JOBID

4. Check to see that your job is running by typing the following command: qme

Notice the job ID that is the $PBS_JOBID in the red box and the node your job is running on in the blue box is the $HOSTNAME.

5. You can log in to the node that your job is running on by typing: ssh $HOSTNAME

6. When your job is finished you should have an error and an output file in your home directory, check by typing: ls

Notice the name of the files are in the following format: simple_job.e$PBS_JOBID and simple_job.o$JOBID