What are the Terms of Service for Basic Hosting?

This document (Terms of Service Agreement for Basic Hosting of Servers) amends the Master Service Level Agreement for CIT Hosting Services. In the event of any inconsistencies between the terms of this document and the Master Service Level Agreement for CIT Hosting Services, the Master Service Level Agreement will take precedence.

The services are provided by Wayne State University's Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) at the Wayne State Computing Center Building located at 5925 Woodward. In the document below, S/C/D will refer to the respective school, college, or division.

1. Term of Service

a. The initial term of this service will be from the date it is executed through the subsequent September 30th.

b. The service will be renewed automatically for twelve-month periods thereafter unless the S/C/D provides a minimum of one month's advance notice of termination; or C&IT provides a minimum of 90 days notice that the service will no longer be offered.

2. Overview Basic Hosting Service (Equipment Co-Location)

a. The S/C/D has requested the Basic Hosting Service for its computing equipment.

C&IT's Basic Level of Hosting Service includes installing and housing S/C/D equipment in WSU's Data Center, monitoring of computer room environment and infrastructure, responding to environmental and computer room incidents by alerting S/C/D's b. designated contact person(s), providing electronic and physical access to the equipment for authorized personnel.

c. There are no charges to the S/C/D for use of C&IT space and basic services.

d. The S/C/D pays all costs to maintain their equipment and applications that are hosted in the Data Center.

3. C&IT Data Center provisions

a. C&IT will provide 19" rack-mountable space in the Data Center at 5925 Woodward Avenue for the number of S/C/D servers to be housed by C&IT.

b. Basic space will include raised floor, fire suppression, physical security system, and active environmental monitoring.

c. C&IT will provide the HVAC, humidity control, and electric power, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS), battery, and generator backup for the Data Center.

d. C&IT will provide electronic access to S/C/D servers from WSU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of scheduled maintenance periods or unavoidable interruptions.

e. C&IT will provide physical access to servers for authorized S/C/D technical support staff.

f. C&IT may reduce attended operations from 7x24 if current funding from the university is reduced and other funds from other sources are not available.

4. S/C/D Data Center Access

a. If the S/C/D requires access to its servers during closure periods, the S/C/D will submit a request two weeks in advance with dates and times so that C&IT can schedule appropriate personnel.

b. The S/C/D can contact C&IT Operations (NOC) at 313-577-4750 for computer room access.

c. S/C/D access will be restricted to the two persons listed on the Server Hosting Intake Form. All other guests and non-WSU personnel, including third-party maintenance providers, must be escorted. S/C/D staff and guests are required to sign the visitors log upon entering and leaving the Data Center.

d. S/C/D will abide by C&IT's Data Center environmental policies, which do not allow boxes or food and drink within the area.

e. S/C/D personnel will limit their activities within the Data Center to accessing their own equipment only.

5. Change Management and Notification

a. C&IT will abide by its existing change management process for the network, computing, and utility infrastructure at the Data Center.

b. In general, infrastructure changes will be restricted to C&IT's scheduled system maintenance periods (i.e. Sunday mornings between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.), as posted on the tech.wayne.edu website.

c. S/C/D agrees to provide C&IT's head of Enterprise Operations seven days advanced notice of major hardware changes or application upgrades. Such notification will include: a description of the changes, the scheduled time and date of the change(s), and a designated contact person. S/C/D will notify C&IT Enterprise Operations when changes and/or upgrades are completed.

d. C&IT will inform S/C/D personnel about non-routine maintenance services and when they are scheduled.

e. C&IT reserves the right to disconnect from the network and/or power down a S/C/D machine, if, after reasonable attempts to notify/resolve with the designated contact persons, the machine compromises the ongoing production operations of the Data Center.

6. Hardware Services and Installation

a. S/C/D equipment will conform to the C&IT guidelines for hosted equipment (i.e. rack-mounted and power type and connections, etc.).

b. S/C/D understands that its equipment and systems will be non-operational during the period of migration and installation of such systems to the WSU Data Center.

c. The S/C/D is responsible for transporting S/C/D equipment to and from the Data Center.

d. C&IT will perform the installation of S/C/D equipment in the Data Center at 5925 Woodward Avenue.

7. Operating Systems Services

a. The S/C/D will be responsible for maintaining operating systems and paying the costs of licenses related to its equipment.

8. Applications Software Services

a. The S/C/D will be solely responsible for:

- Installing, maintaining, monitoring, modifying, and operating its system(s) and all of the related application support software.

- Obtaining the licenses for its system(s) as well as for any other related application software.

- Identifying and solving problems associated with its system(s) and its application support software.

- The S/C/D will define, design, and run all production processes, including notices and report generation. 

9. System Security Service

a. The S/C/D will distribute, monitor, and maintain staff accounts necessary to access its system(s).

b. C&IT maintains a firewall to protect all shared systems. If this service is required for the campus, there will not be any additional cost to the S/C/D to use the service.

c. C&IT will involve the S/C/D in testing and configuring firewall services.

d. S/C/D equipment and software will be scanned by C&IT staff for known software vulnerabilities prior to certifying the host for final installation into its Data Center. In the event that such vulnerabilities are discovered at that time, S/C/D will be required to clean or correct them prior to final installation within the Data Center.

e. C&IT will provide and conduct monthly system security scans for known software vulnerabilities and notify (via email) the listed system administrator of any vulnerabilities found.

10. Equipment Tracking/Inventory Control

a. All S/C/D equipment will enter or exit the Computing Center Building through C&IT's designated shipping/inventory control area and be reported to the designated C&IT inventory control person on entry and exit to the building.

b. S/C/D will annually review and sign off on the C&IT list of S/C/D equipment housed in the Data Center.

c. C&IT does not insure S/C/D equipment from physical damage due to fire, flood, storms, theft or other similar events. 

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