How do I set up my own wireless router within the Chatsworth Residence Hall?

When installed and operated properly, Wayne State University students may have their own wireless router or wireless printer in Chatsworth Apartments. These devices are only allowed provided they do not interfere with the WSU networks or otherwise violate the WSU Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy. Routers and other rogue devices are strictly prohibited in all other WSU student residences.


Follow the steps below to get your network setup.


 1. Purchase a router: C&IT has no specific recommendations for any one router -- choose the router that best suits your needs. Low quality or cheaply made routers may cause performance issues for you or your neighbors. Be sure that you buy a router, not an access point. For your safety, choose a router with current security systems (C&IT recommends WPA2).

 2. Set up and secure your router: Before you connect your router to the WSU networks, connect it to your computer via Ethernet and use the included documentation and/or software to setup your router. C&IT recommends that you change the username and password, change and encrypt the SSID (network name), and setup the strongest available security functions. When prompted for a connection type, select Dynamic or Automatically Assigned by Your ISP. The automatic channel select mode is typically the default or factory setting on wireless routers. See below for tips and rules on security and picking an SSID.

 3. Plug the wireless router into the network: Be sure you plug the Ethernet cord into the correct port. Plugging into the wrong port can disrupt the WSU network. The correct port is typically labeled Modem, Ethernet, WAN or internet and is a different color than the others. Wait a few minutes and then open a web browser to test your connection.

 4. Restart the router: Restart your wireless router so it can obtain an updated IP address by removing the power cord for two minutes. After your router has started up, test your connection again by visiting an off-campus website. At this point, unplug your computer from the router and test connecting wirelessly.


Rules and responsibilities


Please be aware of the following rules and responsibilities involved in installing and operating your own wireless devices.


  •  All internet traffic on your router, regardless of who is using it, is subject to the WSU [Acceptable Use Policy]( If you share your router credentials or network with another person, you are still responsible for their internet use.
  • Enable security functions for your device. If you have an unsecure connection, your information could be at risk and/or people could access and use your router without your permission or knowledge. If others access your device and perform actions such as illegal file sharing, you are liable for their actions. Your device will be registered under your AccessID -- remember that anything that happens on your device is your responsibility.
  • Change the default username and password of your device. Leaving them as they are makes it very easy to hack into your network.
  • WSU uses the following SSIDs (network names): WSU-SECURE and WSU-PUBLIC. DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN SSID THAT INCLUDES THE INITIALS WSU. Pick an SSID that is unique to you. We recommend using your name or room number so others can easily identify your device.
  • Using Guest Access options is not recommended as they typically make it easier for unauthorized users to access the WSU networks through your router, increasing your liability. Guest networks can also provide confusing SSIDs to you and your neighbors.
  • Wireless devices that interfere with the campus network are also known as rogue devices. Rogue or unauthorized wireless devices will be disconnected from the network. If you use a router or wireless access point to connect your computers or printers to the WSU network and the device is improperly connected to or interferes with the campus network, you may lose your network access privileges.
  • Routers are only permitted in Chatsworth Residence Hall -- the use of routers in any other residence hall at WSU is forbidden and may result in loss of network access.
  • WSU C&IT will troubleshoot network connectivity issues with an Ethernet port, but cannot resolve issues with your router. Please refer to the included documentation or contact the seller or manufacturer.


Note: Wayne State University does not provide support for wireless

access points, wireless routers or wireless printers. Contact the manufacturer

of your device for assistance.