How do I connect my gaming or smart device to the internet?

If your gaming device, smart TV or other internet capable device is not compatible with the authenticated WSU-SECURE wireless network, you may register your device to connect to WSU-LIMITED at


Once you submit your device description and MAC Address, C&IT will add it to the exception list and provide instructions to connect your device.


You are also allowed to have one controller device. This is a phone or tablet that will connect to the same Wi-Fi network so that you may play content on a device like Chromecast.


Important information to remember


  • The Ethernet port in your room will always provide the fastest and most stable connection to the internet.
  • Wayne State students, faculty and staff should use the campus-wide WSU-SECURE wireless network for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Never share your password. WSU guests are welcome to use the campus-wide WSU-PUBLIC wireless network.
  • Wayne State's Acceptable Use policy governs your use of all campus networks.