What do I do if Symantec Endpoint Protection installation fails due to "pending system changes that require a reboot have been detected" or rolls back during installation?

There are several reasons why the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) installation progress bar may revert during installation.



One possibility is conflicting anti-viruses. To resolve this issue, uninstall and remove any anti-viruses. You can do this by going to Start–Control Panel–Add/Remove Programs. Select the anti-virus from the populated list and select Uninstall. Windows will then guide you through the uninstallation process. There are also various anti-virus removal tools (McAfee Removal Tool, Norton Removal Tool, etc.) available directly from the anti-virus' vendor company that will insure complete removal.

Once all anti-viruses are removed, restart the computer and attempt the re-installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection.


Registry error

If all above suggestions have been covered and the Symantec installation is still failing, it may be due to a registry error within Windows. To fix the registry, you may download and run the .reg file provided below. Once you have executed the registry file, you do not need to restart the computer. You may initiate the Symantec Endpoint Protection setup immediately after the registry file has reported a "successful change to the registry has been made."

NOTE: If this troubleshooting does not work, please contact the C&IT Help Desk for assistance.