How do I sign and send a document through DocuSign?

To send or sign a DocuSign document, you must be a Wayne State employee with a DocuSign account. Request an account using this form if you have not already done so.

How do I send a DocuSign document for a signature?

  1. Click New, then click Send an envelope.

  2. Use an existing template or upload the document you need signed. There are also advanced options including expiration dates and messages to include in the email sent.

  3. Add fields for every signature you need and fill out the contact email of the signers, as well as any other options you need, such as date signed or initials.

  4. Preview your message and then send.

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How do I sign a DocuSign document?

  1. Open the DocuSign document email.

  2. Read the terms of service and agreements and select I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures.

  3. Once you see your document, click the Start tag. You will be directed to the first signature location.

  4. Enter your name and other requested details in the box, then click Adopt and Sign.

  5. When you finish clicking all signature tags in the document, confirm signing by clicking FINISH. You can download a PDF copy or print a copy of the document.

  6. The sender receives an email with the signed document attached, and the signed document appears in their DocuSign account.

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