How do I access the WSU Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Android devices?

Wayne State University does not officially support a mobile VPN client, but C&IT has successfully tested the Pulse Secure app with the network.


Follow the steps below to access the WSU VPN on Android devices.


 1. Download Pulse Secure from the Google Play store (a valid Google username and password is required). Open the app.




 2. Add the URL and click Submit.




 3. The Add a Connection page will display. You may add a name and other information if desired. Click Save.




 4. Click Connect.





 5. Log in with your AccessID and password. If you are an employee, your secondary log in will be prompted and Duo will notify you based on your settings. Students will also be prompted for a secondary log in, but can disregard this field.

  • Push: If you have the Duo mobile security app downloaded and configured, you will receive a push notification to verify your log in.
  • Phone 1: If you have a phone number added to your Duo account, type phone1 (no space) and you will receive a phone call or text message (depending on your account settings).
  • Passcode: If you have your account configured to receive a passcode via text message or Duo app message, you will be sent a code to enter.




 6. You are now connected to the WSU VPN on your device.

  • You may get an Allow Connection message. Click OK.




 7. Click Intranet to browse.




 8. Click Disconnect to end the connection.



NOTE: Go to on a computer to set it two-factor authentication. Learn how to download and configure the Pulse Secure app on an iOS device at