Where can I find documentation for Centrex voicemail?

A few Wayne State University affiliates remain on the Centrex telephone system. The following content is documentation for the Centrex phone system and NOT VoIP.


Voicemail documentation



Q: Can I forward a caller directly into another voicemail box?

A: Call forwarding cannot be used to send a call to another voicemail box. Calls may only be forwarded to a phone number and then handled according to the settings of the destination number. If the destination number is set to direct all calls to voicemail, the phone will not ring.


Q: Why is my voicemail shortcut button not working?

A: During the transition to the new VoIP phone system, users may experience issues with the voicemail shortcut button on the older Centrex phone. The button may become unresponsive, but you may always access your voicemail by dialing 7-3456. Once the transition has been completed, the new phone's voicemail shortcut button will be fully functional.