DeskTech supports 3,500 Wayne State customers

Above image: Director of DeskTop Engineering, Curtis Kratt, hosts the Campus IT Meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, in the Lear Auditorium at the Mike Ilitch School of Business. IT professionals across Wayne State's campus gather every other month to discuss technology on campus.

Wayne State University employees work hard to support more than 27,000 students. When you focus on the success and advancement of such a diverse group, technology sometimes takes a back seat. That’s why Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) launched DeskTech, a desktop technology service and support group that stations agents across campus to provide personal and customized support to schools and colleges, departments, and units.

Curtis Kratt presenting.

This subunit of C&IT customer service supports the daily basics of computer maintenance and implements off-site software updates, provides additional protection against viruses and malware, and supplies brand-new computers every four years as a part of its refresh program.

There are cost-saving benefits to partnering with DeskTech, but time saved is the biggest value. With a DeskTech agent nearby, employees are free to focus on their main responsibilities — all 27,000 of them.

How to sign up

DeskTech manages more than 3,000 computers and serves more than 3,500 customers — and growing. Senior Director of Customer Service Melissa Crabtree hopes to support the entire campus community. To reach that goal, Crabtree and Director of Desktop Engineering Curtis Kratt offer third-party security audits to interested departments — commitment-free. This analysis identifies potential threats and shows how DeskTech can help improve departmental processes and secure technology.

In the same interest of inclusion, Crabtree and Kratt host bimonthly CampusIT meetings, a collaborative discussion that brings together all Wayne State IT staff — C&IT affiliated or not. The group discusses recent successes, upcoming transitions and new product launches, and identifies new challenges in the ever-growing field of computer science.

Because we don't see each other face to face every day, it's important that we build trust with IT across campus and remember why we're all here. Like everything C&IT does, it's for the better of the university.
- Curtis Kratt

Recognition at home and beyond

Curtis Kratt presenting.C&IT Customer Service has been sharing the DeskTech model with other IT professionals and higher education institutions. The team has built relationships with schools like Ferris State University and Central Michigan University, who have shown interest in adopting the model for their own IT support.

Crabtree and Kratt presented the DeskTech model in October 2018 in Denver at the Educause conference Uniting IT: Build the Culture and They Will Come.

To learn more about the service, visit or contact Melissa Crabtree at

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