Five Reasons to Not Bring a Printer to School

Students - are you planning on bringing a printer to school this year? Check out our top five reasons you can leave it at home (or just not buy it in the first place)!

  1. Printers take up space that you don't have to spare.

    To put it nicely, dorm rooms and college apartments have a long history of encouraging you to live with less.
  2. They cost money that you can use for better things!

    Even if the printer came free with your computer, the ink and paper are pricey. That's good money you can use for books (or going out to "eat").
  3. Wireless printers clog up the Wi-Fi.

    Your phone, tablet, computer, PS4, Kindle, smart watch and whatever else are already fighting for a signal. Or if you don't have those, your noisy neighbor definitely does. Don't add another device fighting for attention.
  4. You can print in the library for a low cost.

    Pick up your print job in the lobby, the library, and other locations across campus. It's a lot easier than refilling the ink that will surely run out at the last minute. (Check out!)
  5. You probably don't need to print much anyway!

    Most of your instructors accept assignments digitally. You'll turn in more assignments on Blackboard each semester than you'll print in your whole time at Wayne State!

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