New C&IT laptop lockers offer more robust computer rental options for Warriors 

To better support student success in the ever-evolving campus environment, Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) is installing laptop lockers—or secure storage lockers that charge and dispense rentable laptop computers—across main campus. 

The units look like standard lockers, but inside they hold Dell laptops that can be checked out for up to five hours by scanning a Wayne State University OneCard. The new system works with the university ELibrary system so laptops can be checked out for free just like a book or other library resources. Anyone with library access—students, faculty, and staff—can check out a laptop. 

The laptops can be thought of as portable lab computers—they are more robust than previously available Chromebooks, are automatically logged in when powered on, and can be used to access Canvas, Microsoft Office, virtual lab environments, and to browse the web. 

“We hope these machines will help fill any gaps in access to technology for our students," said David Foote, C&IT Director of Endpoint and Application Engineering. 

How it works 

The lockers monitor the charge of the laptop in each bay and will only allow a laptop to be loaned when it is at least 80 percent charged. They come preconfigured with Microsoft Office, Zoom, Teams, and the VMware Horizon Client for accessing virtual labs. 

Users are prompted to log in to their Wayne State OneDrive account when they first access the machine, allowing them instant access to their university data. Laptops restart when they are plugged back into the lockers and all personal data is removed before the next user accesses it. 

Lockers are being installed and programmed now and will be available for use during the current winter 2022 semester. Find them in the STEM Innovation Learning Center and the Undergraduate Library, as well as State Hall after renovations.  

Find instructions to use lockers at

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