Report scam phone calls to C&IT

C&IT is investigating scam phone calls that appear to come from Wayne State phone numbers (e.g. 313-577-0000) and include pre-recorded messages claiming to be the IRS, notifications about extended warranties, and other types of solicitation. This tactic is called spoofing and occurs when a scammer uses a familiar phone number and creates a false sense of urgency to get personal information or money.

Please report spam calls

If you receive a fraudulent call like this, please report it to C&IT using the Report Spam Calls form on so that we may block the number. We are working with our vendors to find a long term solution, and blocking these numbers as we identify them allows us to protect university systems and information.

For more information on these types of scams, visit If you have questions about this or any other C&IT system or service, please contact the Help Desk at 313-577-4357 or

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