Email Forwarding Position Statement

It is impossible for C&IT to guarantee message delivery to external email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). These systems are outside C&IT's control. C&IT works to resolve delivery problems with external email providers, but these situations often take several days to be resolved.

When C&IT becomes aware of delivery problems with external email providers:

  • C&IT will attempt to email a notice to affected individuals (i.e., those that are forwarding to the external email provider).
  • C&IT will post information about the problem on this website (
  • C&IT will send a campus-wide email notice only if a problem persists for more than seven days.

Fetch, don't forward.

If you do choose to use another email address regularly and don't want to check multiple email accounts, C&IT recommends that you setup your external email account to fetch a copy of your incoming WSU email using the POP protocol. This sidesteps delivery problems that occur when external email providers block email from WSU. See this C&IT Knowledge Base article for more information about this technique.

If you must forward your WSU email, be aware of the following risks:

  • Important email originating from WSU may be delayed or undelivered to your forwarding address. 
  • Bounce back notification policy is set by each external email provider, not by C&IT. Thus senders might not receive a notice that their message was not delivered.
  • You are still responsible for reading your WSU email in a timely fashion.