How do I report a security incident?

Timely reporting of any suspected IT security incidents keeps the University secure. Please see below on how to best contact the Information Security Office when reporting a security incident:


Reporting a data breach


In the event of a system breach or loss of University data, contact the C&IT Help Desk immediately. Your issue will be triaged and Information Security staff will be contacted appropriately.


Reporting DMCA violations


To report copyright infringement or unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, please submit a compliant takedown notice to our registered address at


Reporting email abuse


To report spam or fraudulent emails originating from Wayne State computers or email accounts, use the Report Message tools in Outlook. Find instructions at


Reporting general security issues


To report any general security issue or concern, including any incidents not listed above, please email with a full description of the issue along with your contact information.


Requesting security services


Standard security services, including firewall changes, access requests, SSL certificates, and vulnerability scans can be requested via the instructions on our security services page.