IT Investigations


An IT Investigation is any request to access accounts, systems, logs or any other information that is not normally accessible to the requesting person, and requires privileged access by a C&IT employee.

Requests from outside the university:

All Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests must be made directly to:

Wayne State University FOIA Coordinator
Office of Marketing and Communications
5700 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI   48202

Requests from inside the university:

IT Investigation requests can only be approved by the Chief Information Officer and the General Counsel.

Information from an IT Investigation related to students can only be shared with University employees, in compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Wayne State University management (directors, academic program chairs, and higher levels of management) may make reasonable requests for an IT Investigation of their own employees. Such requests must be for content pertaining to University business. Management requests for IT Investigations of employees from other WSU schools, colleges, or divisions should be directed to the General Counsel.

Information from an IT Investigation cannot be shared with parties outside the University, without the express written permission from the General Counsel.

IT Investigation requests must specify the individual(s), system(s), timeframe, and reason. Requests can be sent to:

Rob Thompson
Interim Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President
Computing & Information Technology

Effective March 5, 2013