What is the Remote Campus Connection VPN tool?

WSU Remote Campus Connection (RCC) is a remote VPN work solution. RCC automatically establishes a VPN connection back to campus when a C&IT-supported computer detects that it is not on WSU's campus and remains connected until the computer detects that it is once again on a campus network.

  • The user tunnel
    The user tunnel is a VPN connection that is automatically connected when the user logs in and the computer detect a non-campus network connection.
  • This tunnel allows the user to access on-campus resources such as Banner and the W drive.
  • The RCC user tunnel uses split tunneling. This means only traffic going to on-campus resources will go through the tunnel. Traffic going to other sites like Google or Facebook will just go directly to the internet service provider.
  • Our user tunnel is named WSU Remote Campus Connection for most staff users.
  • The user tunnel can be seen and controlled by the user by clicking on the Network icon in the system tray.