Where can I find out about AccessID services for WSU retirees?

The following services are available to Wayne State University retirees:


  • Wayne Connect email and mail forwarding.
  • Access to the Academica portal, including select web-based self-services.
  • Wireless internet access on campus.
  • An optional listing in the WSU Online Directory (allowing people to search for you on Wayne State's website and find your WSU email address).
  • Access to bulk email lists and LISTSERVs.
  • Assistance with the above services from the C&IT Help Desk.


Read the following FAQs to learn more about retiree services.


How can a Wayne State retiree get an AccessID?


If you are a current employee who plans on retiring, contact Total Compensation and Wellness to ensure continued use of your current AccessID.


Can I have a WSU AccessID and continue to use a different email address?


Find instructions to forward your WSU email to an external account on the C&IT Knowledge Base.


How can a Wayne State retiree get an AccessID?


If you are already retired, contact the Total Compensation and Wellness office to confirm that you are a retiree.


Once TCW has entered into the system that are a retiree, contact the C&IT Help Desk to confirm your status and receive any other assistance you may need.


How does a WSU retiree get started using a new WSU AccessID?


If you just received your WSU AccessID, you must log in and set up self services; follow the steps below to do this.


Step one:

Step two: When you are prompted to change your password, make it something easy to remember because you'll need it for many things at WSU. AccessID passwords must be minimum 8 characters in length. (Please refer to the Requirements for a WSU AccessID Password.)

Step three: If you have another email address that you prefer to use, set mail forwarding. Email sent to your AccessID will be forwarded to your preferred email address.