How do I get into my Wayne State account (for email, Canvas, Academica, etc.) when I forget my password?

Wayne State University students and employees can use a Recovery Email Address to regain access to their account and/or password online at any time.


How to reset your password




  • If you have a verified Recovery Email Address, we will send you an email message with a personalized and time-sensitive link.
  • Log in to your external email and click on the link to verify your identity and reset the password. The link contained in the email is good for 30 minutes and one use. After 30 minutes, you will have to request a new password reset link.
  • Please note that requirements differ depending on your role within the university:
    • Students: Must have a recovery email address saved and verified.
    • Employees: Must meet student requirements and correctly enter the last four digits of their SSN.
    • High Risk Employees: Must meet all of the above requirements and be connected to the campus network.


How to setup your recovery email address


As long as you know your AccessID password, you can setup a Recovery Email Address. Follow the steps below to do this.


 1. Log in to Academica at

 2. Click the Account Settings button in the top right corner.



 3. Click Account Management.



 4. Click Recovery Email Address.



 5. Fill out the prompt and click Save.



 6. After you submit a valid Recovery Email Address, a verification email will be sent to the specified address. Until the address is verified, you will be prompted again every tenth login. The verification email is sent from the address, with the subject "Wayne State University - Please verify your account recovery email address."




 7. The email contains a link to the verification page, as well as the URL of the page and a note specifying who the email was intended for.




 8. Clicking on the link in the verification email will take you to a verification page. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so and then the verification page will either display a confirmation or appropriate error message.




Recovery email address requirements


  • Valid addresses may contain letters, numbers and the following symbols: # $ % & ' * \ - + \ / = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~.
  • Address can not contain consecutive periods.
  • Address can not be hosted by Wayne State University (,,
  • It is recommended to use a trusted email provider like Google Gmail, Comcast, etc.


NOTE: If you have problems with the automatic password reset tool, call the C&IT Help Desk during regular business hours. Read Wayne State's Strong Password Standard at