Can I stop receiving all bulk mail from Wayne State?

Wayne State University bulk email lists are automatically generated. Although it is discouraged, you may set up a filter in your Wayne Connect email if you wish to no longer see WSU emails.


Before you set up a filter, please keep in mind:


  • WSU uses email to efficiently share information with all students and employees at low cost.
  • Bulk email address lists are used to deliver these messages to specific target audiences.
  • The bulk email lists are used by a limited and controlled number of University staff to communicate a wide variety of information.
  • The bulk email lists are automatically created and maintained -- no one can opt-out of these special lists.
  • Any person who has registered for classes in the past 12 months is considered a current student and will receive emails sent to students. If you do not register for classes for 12 consecutive months, your WSU email address will be closed.


How to create a filter


Follow the steps below to create a Rule for WSU bulk email in Wayne Connect.


 1. Save Contact: Before you can set an Inbox Rule to sort emails that are sent to a specific List or contact, you need to save that contact. You can create a contact via the People app in Wayne Connect Office 365. For example, if you no longer want WSU bulk emails sent to to be sent to your inbox, save that email as a contact.




 2. Create a Folder: If you want to store these bulk emails so you can go through them at a later date, create a folder to sort them in to. If you wish to automatically delete these bulk emails, skip this step. Open Outlook with Wayne Connect. In the left side menu, you will see a list of folders. When you place your cursor over the menu, a plus sign will appear under Folders. Click the plus sign to create a new folder.




 3. Create an Inbox Rule: Now you can create the Rule to sort bulk email. Click on the gear icon in the top right of Outlook. A dropdown menu will appear; Click Options. A menu will appear on the left side of your window; Click Inbox and Sweep Rules under Mail.


This will open a form on the right side of your window. Under Inbox Rules, click the plus sign.




This will open up a form to create a new Inbox Rule. Fill out the form with

the following:


  • Name: Name the Rule here.
  • Condition: In the dropdown menu, select It was Sent or Received and then select Sent To. Now you can select the contacts to which the emails you wish to sort are sent to. Because you added the List as a contact, you will find it here. Select it and save.
  • Action: In the dropdown select Move, Copy or Delete. If you wish to delete the bulk emails, select Delete the Message. If you created a folder to sort bulk emails in to, select Move the Message to Folder and select the folder you created.
  • Exception (if necessary): If you wish to create an exception to this rule, do it here.


After filling out information for your new Rule, click OK to save it.


NOTE: If you do not use Wayne Connect, similar filters are available in many email programs and services. Search in the help section for your preferred email program.