How should I draft and send a bulk email?

Bulk emails can be used to reach large audiences. Follow the steps below or watch the C&IT video tutorial to learn how to use the CMS Email Builder (note that you should receive approval for every message from your dean or vice president).


Before sending a message, identify the audience and decide which pre-authorized Bulk Email List(s) to use. Draft the content of your message with the following guidelines in mind:


Keep the message brief: A message should be no more than two or three paragraphs because the size of email messages sent to the Bulk Email Lists is limited.

Subject line or headline: Add the what and when of your event and use a subject and a verb in an action voice (e.g. The event is Monday).

Attachments are not allowed: If you have a larger amount of information to deliver or have an event flyer, for example, put it on your unit's web server and link to the location in your message.

Exception: Small attachments (less than 100KB) are allowed only if the Bulk Email List has less than 1,000 subscribers.

RSVP: If an RSVP is required, make it clear where to send it.

Signature: Include the appropriate signature at the bottom of your message.


How to draft and send a bulk email message


Follow the steps below to send a bulk email message.


 1. Visit and click Email List in the left-hand menu. If you do not have access, please email to request it.

 2. Click New Email and draft or paste your content into the body of the message. Apply formatting, choose a template and subject, and then save your message. Once you have saved your message, you may view previews and give editing or viewing access to others for collaboration.

 3. Obtain your dean or vice president's approval for the message content and its distribution; either add them to the message as approvers or send them a preview. This step is required to ensure that WSU students and employees are not spammed by unnecessary emails from administration.

 4. When your message is ready to go, click Save and Lock. This will convert all of your links to links which can be tracked to see how many clicks you receive.

 5. Set up your Bulk Email message as follows:

  • Access Wayne Connect and log in using your Group ID and password.
  • Address your Bulk Email, making sure your Group ID Account is authorized to post to the Bulk Email List(s) you include here.
  • In the To: box type the email address or addresses for the Bulk Email List(s) you selected as the audience for your message (e.g., If you are sending your message to more than one Bulk Email List, you must include all the email addresses at the same time. This is necessary so that people do not receive duplicate messages if they are on more than one list.
  • In the Cc: and Bcc: boxes type any additional recipient email addresses.
  • Add the approved subject line for the message.
  • Add the approved message content and signature by copying the entire preview and pasting into Wayne Connect. If you're having difficulties, make sure you have HTML emails activated.
  • Proofread the subject line and message content to avoid the need to send corrections (and therefore spamming your message recipients).

 6. Once the Bulk Email message is ready to send from your Group ID Account, again think carefully about the content and timing.

 7. If you're not ready to send the Bulk Email, click Save Draft (in Wayne Connect) and you may retrieve it in the Drafts folder at a later time.

 8. Click Send to begin the process of sending your email.

 9. Wait for the required confirmation(s) on your Group ID Account from the Bulk Email List(s) you are using. For security reasons, each Bulk Email list has been configured to request positive confirmation of messages posted to the list. This prevents unauthorized users from forging your email address.

 10. Reply to the confirmation message and type OK in the text of your message or click the link in the confirmation message. You must confirm the email before your original message is distributed to the list. Ignore the presentation of the message contents at the bottom of the confirmation message -- your original formatting will stay intact.

 11. When your message is distributed by the LISTSERV system, a notification email is sent to the Group ID Account. The notification is for your information only and requires no response.


NOTE: Use of C&IT's Bulk Email service must comply with Wayne State University's policy on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources. Your access to the bulk email lists may be withdrawn at any time. Please

contact the C&IT Help Desk for assistance.