How do I create a team in Microsoft Teams?

To create a new team, click the Teams logo in the top left corner of the app and then click Add Team at the bottom of your list of existing teams. Learn more at Once available, students will be able to fill out a form to create a new team.

C&IT created Teams for each employee division, organization and department. These Teams are updated on a daily basis, and will hopefully reduce duplicate Teams, resources, etc:

  • Membership of these Teams is automatically maintained based on employee Banner data.
  • Owners may add other members to these Teams if desired. However, they will be responsible for remembering to remove those users when needed.
  • If an owner removes a member that belongs to the respective H-code, the member will be added back into the Team within the next four hours.

Team owners are responsible for researching and understanding Teams settings especially if they decide to modify them at some point.


Typically, there is only one owner assigned to a Divisional Team: The highest ranking executive/management level person.


All management level staff are owners of the organization that their position belongs to. This is to say that there can be multiple owners for these Teams.


These Teams are based on the timesheet codes. The person who approves the majority of timesheets for a given department is made the owner of these Teams.

By default, groups are created with a email address.