What is the Operator Connect feature in Microsoft Teams, and how do I use it?

Microsoft Teams now comes with the Operator Connect feature, allowing users who have migrated their telephone to place and receive external calls to and from their Wayne State University telephone numbers via the Teams app installed on their computers and mobile devices. In addition, Microsoft Teams Calls offers many other features, including:

  • Work seamlessly across devices to make and receive calls with university phone numbers on computers and mobile devices alike
  • Manage voicemail easier with new transcripts
  • Status recognition that pushes calls to voicemail when presenting or busy
  • Ignore unwanted calls with spam identification
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Create personalized Ringtones
  • Delegate calls

Overview of the Teams Calls interface with Operator Connect


  1. The Calls icon on the sidebar menu opens the Calls feature.
  2. The Phone tab offers both an input field and a dial-pad to place calls.
  3. The Contacts tab allows you to add/view contact.
  4. The History section displays incoming and outgoing calls by name, phone number, duration, or date.
  5. The Display options allow you to display your call history into specific categories.
  6. The Voicemail section displays all voicemails.
  7. The Speed dial allows you to quickly reference and call back any recent contact or contacts you have added to speed dial.
  8. Provides quick access to call forwarding and device settings.

Making a call with Operator Connect

  1. Navigate toCalls on the sidebar menu.


2. Using the dial pad, enter a 10-digit number. You can also copy and paste the number in the text field.


3. Click theCall button.

Additional features

Speed dial

  1. Click the Calls icon on the side menu, then select speed dial.
  2. To add contacts to your speed dial list, use the Add speed dial button or click the ... icon.
  3. To make a call, click the phone icon on a contact card.

How to check your voicemail

  1. Navigate to Calls on the sidebar menu.
  2. Click on Voicemail.
  3. Voicemails will be displayed in chronological order. Click on the name or number and click the play button to listen to the message.


You can select the playback speed by clicking on the down arrow next to the speed icon.

Additional resources:

Microsoft Teams: Operator Connect [PDF]

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