What is MS/SQL hosting?

C&IT offers basic MS/SQL services (server, storage, license and backup) to Wayne State University faculty and staff. We host multiple databases on dedicated virtual servers, taking advantage of per server MS/SQL licensing and giving the developers broad access rights.

Available SQL Server Version

  • SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition


  • Provides server and OS and non CAL based MS/SQL license.
  • Backup and recovery services.
  • OS and database patching.
  • 100 GB of data managed (additional 100 GB increments available for purchase).
  • Unlimited transactions.
  • Initial platform conversion for transfer of existing database (unload, transfer and load).
  • Up to ten hours of support per year (including recovery, backup and/or platform tuning).
  • Backup technologies.
  • Next business day support outage resolution.

Process overview

To discuss the details of this service and how your department can benefit, contact Chris Bernardo at 313-577-0095 or ge5536@wayne.edu.


FY 2020

Hosted MS/SQL database on shared SQL server 2017, first 100 GB database storage (includes licenses for MS/SQL, OS, and Gold backup)

$125.00 per year

Additional 100 GB database storage with Gold backup

$125.00 per year

NOTE: This service is targeted at departmental-level databases. Please note that application server access is restricted to Wayne State IP addresses. Developer access is restricted to Wayne State IP addresses (or access via VPN). Please read the Terms of Service Agreement for MS SQL Hosting Services [PDF].