What do Backup Services include?

Backup Services allow Co-Location Server Hosting administrators to backup server data and operating systems to C&IT's centralized and secure backup environment.


In addition to onsite storage, the backup environment as a whole is duplicated off site to ensure the safety and continuity of your data. This service is available to all WSU units that run university-owned and managed servers that will be or are already currently hosted at the C &IT data center.




  • Installation of and setup assistance with NetBackup client utility.
  • Regular backup to the NetBackup environment.
  • Daily migration of NetBackup tapes to a third-party offsite storage facility (Iron Mountain).
  • Retrieval of requested backup tapes from onsite or offsite storage.


Process overview


  • A school, college or division (S/C/D) can contact C&IT to discuss the details of the Service level Agreement. Contact Patrick Thompson at 313-577-4725 or au3143@wayne.edu.
  • New customers must sign the Service Level Agreement.
  • C&IT submits IRB to S/C/D.
  • S/C/D schedules NetBackup agent installation.
  • S/C/D or C&IT installs the NetBackup agent.
  • S/C/D configures backup schedule.




Annual Pricing of Backups for Customer-Owned Hosted Storage:




FY 2019


First 100 GB - Gold (client license, on-site copy, off-site copy, 45 day retention)




Additional 100 GB - Gold




First 100 GB - Silver (client license, on-site copy, 45 day retention)




Additional 100 GB - Silver




NOTE: Please read the Terms of Service Agreement for Backup Services.